The maxi dress is usually floor-length and straight-cut, but it can also be flared. It is usually made of soft and flowing fabrics, such as silk or cotton. These dresses cover the torso and give freedom of movement to the legs. There are different types of maxi dresses, and each of them is available in a wide range of colors, designs, and prices.

However, have you ever thought of combining them with sports shoes? Many make the mistake of believing that only high-heeled shoes can be worn with these designs, but we already anticipate that this statement could not be further from reality.

Shoes to wear with long dress

The first thing to take into account is the occasion on which you plan to wear your dress . Are you going to a formal etiquette event or rather an informal dinner with friends? In any case, this will affect the choice of the corresponding shoe.

This is where the question that many of you ask comes into play: can I combine a long dress with sneakers? The answer is yes. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld himself showed in 2014 at the Chanel show, the combination of sneakers with light dresses and, since then, the mix of dress and training shoes applies not only to lovers of sport and style casual, but also serious business and middle-aged women.

Maxis and sneakers are a woman's best friend . This combination offers style and comfort all in one. Although there is no real trick to be able to wear sneakers with a long dress, we leave you with some infallible combinations to be a hit.

1. Sweet and sporty

Combining ultra-feminine dresses with sneakers is one of our favorite looks. The contrast is the secret of this outfit , and it also allows it to be ideal for any occasion, be it more formal or informal.

2. Less is more

Sometimes, less is more. So we think the easiest way to "hit the nail on the head" is with a pair of plain white sneakers . They work with everything, including all kinds of dresses.

3. Everything in color

If you are one of those who bet on more daring and groundbreaking looks, colored or patterned sneakers will be your best allies to combine with long dresses. Although it may be difficult a priori, all you need is a plain dress of any color. Logically, black and white are much easier to combine with sneakers, but any riskier bet can be a complete success.

4. Shirt dresses

If you are looking for a safe bet, the best option is to opt for long shirt-style dresses , since they are one of the easiest to combine with your favorite sneakers. You can opt for plain models, or patterned and striking sneakers.

5. Vintage style

There is no doubt that the vintage style is back to stay . However, many people make the mistake of thinking that it cannot be mixed with modern sports shoes. The truth is that this fusion can be perfect , and even more so if it is a classic white sneaker model.

6.Boho _

The bohemian or "boho" style is a feminine style, with an abundance of lace, ruffles, fringes, embroidery and floral designs. The difference from the romantic style is the bias towards naturalness and easy carelessness. Combine the boho outfits with sneakers and you will get a very groundbreaking and modern look . Socks of medium length made of organza or cotton can become an unusual accessory for a fashionable outfit.

7. Tight dresses

Long warm bodycon dresses can be worn with short or regular sneakers, as well as with classic leather models. The image will be perfectly complemented by a leather jacket.

8.Casual _

The main principle of casual style is comfort for everyday life. A simple cut and comfortable fabric allow you to move actively through the city. When creating a harmonious ensemble, focus on the degree of color in your look. Maxi dresses look just as good with plain sneakers and with platform sneakers .

How to choose sneakers for a long dress?

Although both pieces look good on their own, they work well together when you want a stylish yet comfortable outfit. The combinations are as limitless as your imagination , and this trusty duo is always there when you need it. It is true that, to make a safe bet, you can follow the following tips:

  • If you are wearing colored sneakers it is better to choose a neutral dress . For example, if you have a pair of pink sneakers, we recommend that you wear them with a white dress.
  • Top-handle bags, totes, clutches, and crossbody bags are just a few of the accessories you can wear with dress-sneaker combos . Other options we love? Baseball caps, for a sportier touch.
  • For color block lovers, adding socks to your look can add an extra layer of intrigue. Try combining your dress and sneakers with socks of different heights, colors and designs .

Feeling inspired to try wearing a dress with sneakers? We have it clear. Mumka offers a range of sneakers to wear with dresses that will provide you with elegance, personality and comfort.

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