When we talk about winter looks, ankle boots are usually the garment that seems to adapt to almost everything. And it is that this type of footwear can be used both in a more casual and informal context for day to day, as well as for more special occasions in which we want to dress up more and elevate our outfits.

Therefore, today we tell you what are the best looks with ankle boots for winter, so that you can be inspired and get the most out of your favorite pair of shoes. Shall we start?

Why buy a pair of ankle boots?

Ankle boots are undoubtedly the quintessential footwear for the cold. With so many different options, it's often hard to break out of the rut of wearing the same tried-and-true pair of shoes with the same outfits week after week.

But don't worry, we've found some ideas you're going to love on how to wear ankle boots with jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, and all your wardrobe essentials. Are you looking for inspiration for your winter outfits? You have arrived at the right place.

How to combine my boots?

  1. Combine your ankle boots with a mini or midi dress

    Wearing a midi or mini dress with your ankle boots will definitely earn you style points. This dress length allows your shoes to show through so they get the attention they deserve.

    Opt for tights with prints or original motifs to create a more daring look, or plain ones if you prefer a more discreet outfit.

  2. Some jeans will be your best allies

    This look is the easiest to achieve, since it requires absolutely nothing to do. The most convenient is that the hem of the pants reaches the ankle so that a space is created between the upper part of the shoes and the shoes, or that they are slightly shorter in the waist, such as mom jeans or flare jeans.

    Short-cut ankle boots are the best option for these garments, since the upper part of the booties does not touch the jeans. Likewise, showing a little skin (a little, not a ton) helps to elongate your legs and makes your booties more visible.

    There is also a second option so you can combine your favorite ankle boots with jeans. If these are long, and specifically skinny, you can put them inside the shoes. It is true that the star trend this year is the previous one, but this option is a classic that never fails.

  3. Skirts are more fashionable than ever.

    Ankle boots can also be incredibly elegant when worn with skirts, regardless of their length. Whether you wear a maxi skirt at the weekend or a midi dress to the office, you'll find a pair of ankle boots to match your ensemble.

    Play with textures by mixing a velvet skirt with patterned ankle boots and a shoulder bag . Yes, yes, who does not risk does not win! A maxi skirt can also pack a punch with the right booty peeking out from under the fabric for a chic and cool look.

  4. Ankle boots with shorts and culottes

    That shorts and culottes are very popular is undeniable, and the truth is that they look fabulous with a pair of ankle boots. Unlike sports shoes, which often make you look shorter, ankle boots slim you down, thus giving you a much more flattering appearance. It is true that you can also achieve this effect with heels, but the truth is that ankle boots are usually more comfortable and practical.

When to wear boots?

  1. Booties to work

    Do you think ankle boots are only for the weekend? Think again. These versatile shoes can be worn any day of the week, even to the office. All you have to do is maintain a sleek and chic look to make your ankle boots work-appropriate. Combine them with serious and elegant clothes. A pair of tailored trousers, a fitted shirt, and a long-cut blazer are a great option, but don't be afraid to try it with a dress or suit.

  2. Ankle boots for day to day

    When it comes to shoes, comfort is very important. If you are a lover of stiletto heels, I have good news: sneakers are not the only option to relieve your feet thanks to the beautiful and comfortable ankle boots that exist.

    Functional and fashionable, our favorite ankle boots are stylish and highly versatile so you can take them anywhere, but they're also durable, cushioned and supportive.

  3. Booties for special situations

    Finally, ankle boots can also be ideal to elevate your looks on more special occasions such as meals, events or even dates. Any option is valid! Combine them with a dress, a skirt or even dress pants and enjoy maximum comfort without ever losing elegance.

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