Sneakers are the perfect complement to any outfit; They never go out of style and offer the ultimate combination of fashion and comfort. Whether classic or modern styles, sneakers are no longer reserved just for the gym.

The truth is that sneakers have never been so fashionable. Whether you collect them obsessively or aren't sure if they're really your style, there's no denying that they make any look instantly cooler – and a whole lot more comfortable, too . Don't you know how to combine them to create an outfit that fits you? Next we will tell you how to dress with sports shoes and be the envy of all eyes.

How to wear women's sports shoes

Today, we can find more shoe options than ever, so choosing can be somewhat complicated. In addition, it is very common to ask ourselves how we can combine them and how we can achieve the desired look. If you need some fashion tips to help you pair these versatile sneakers with the right outfit , you're in the right place.

Double Denim

Double denim may look a bit boring, but try to find a way to make it look charming. You can do it by combining it with black and/or patterned sneakers . It will become a great combination of stylish outfits, ready to wear every day.

With a total monochrome look

When in doubt about what to wear, choosing a single shade can be a very successful option . You can break the monochromatic range with details such as buckles or zippers, and a good pair of sneakers that will complete the outfit.

jeans never fail

Without a doubt, jeans are a must that any woman has in her wardrobe and, in fact, they are a safe bet to combine with sneakers. It doesn't matter what style of jean you wear: pairing it with a plain short-sleeved T-shirt and sneakers is more than enough. Try adding accessories such as jewelry, a bag or sunglasses to elevate the look.

midi dress

Some sneakers with a midi dress can be very casual for any occasion. You will combine the elegance that a dress can provide with the comfort of sneakers , to achieve a more informal look. Also, by adding a striking bag you can get a more elegant outfit.

Leather is your best ally

That leather has returned is undeniable. Proof of this is found in the large number of designs that we have seen in recent seasons: pants, skirts, oversize overshirts or even coats. Try combining it with platform sneakers and a coat or long jacket , and you will see how there is nothing more elegant.

add a blazer

Every girl's wardrobe deserves to have a classic and elegant blazer. It is an ideal garment to wear on many different occasions, so you should be proud to own at least one.


If you combine it with the sneakers, you will get a perfect mix of elegant and sporty look , which you can even wear to work. And there is no better combination for structured office garments than sneakers with an oversize jacket. The contrast will turn a boring and classic look into something elegant, modern and comfy .

Bet on the cropped

Stay cool on a hot day in an easy two-piece combo. Combine white, black or blue jean shorts and a crop top with your favorite sneakers to get a nice and casual look.


Today, jumpsuits are in fashion. We love the one-piece pant look and appreciate that it can be dressed up or down , depending on the occasion. With a pair of pumps or pumps, a jumpsuit can be very elegant and sophisticated. At the same time, the right casual shoes can effortlessly transform a jumpsuit into a fashionable streetwear item. And the same goes for rompers, which are essentially the same thing, but with shorts instead of pants.


The athleisure trend is here to stay, which is great news for people who prioritize comfort and like a sporty look, but what is athleisure? It's a streetwear style accepted by both men and women, and for obvious reasons because it pairs perfectly with sneakers. The perfect option to show off your favorite sneakers!

Outfits with sneakers

As you have seen, women's sports shoes can be your best allies. And it is that it is a shoe that not only offers comfort and that can be combined with a multitude of garments , but is also timeless . It doesn't matter if it's winter, summer, autumn or spring: you can wear your favorite sneakers at any time of the year and they will never go out of style.

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