Shoe trends for autumn-winter 22-23

The footwear trends for autumn-winter 2022-2023 are already here, and most of them are not only beautiful, but also very easy to combine with any of your looks.

Some of them have been imported from previous seasons, while other designs are really new or, at the very least, reappear after having disappeared for a few years to enrich our outfits. Whatever your choice, the shoe models that you will see below will be among the most sought after and will help you set trends. Now enjoy the most trendy, comfortable and, above all, versatile shoes on the market. Are you ready?

1. Platform sneakers

Although this trend is by no means new, we cannot ignore it. And it is that platform shoes or sneakers are still a must for this autumn-winter. The Spice Girls turned platform sneakers into an iconic element before the year 2000 and, since then, these have been a must-have in your wardrobe year after year.

In fact, they have become a real fashion item. We have seen them parading on international catwalks and replacing heels in large events. It is not surprising then that this fall-winter we see -once again- depopulate this trend with sneakers combined with skirts and midi dresses or with more formal sets. A key element of your wardrobe that you should focus on to achieve a glamorous and never banal style.

Platform sneakers are definitely more practical and easier to wear in good weather (like so many other things after all), that's for sure. But how can you give up the coolness of your shoes in the long winter months ahead? Absolutely impossible, let's be serious. They're too valuable a joker in too many outfits to be shelved until next spring and we'd never find a suitable flat to replace them with: so no keeping them in the shoe closet, just wear them over and over again, without moderation .

2. Ankle boots

Winter offers an opportunity to experiment with layers and unique fashion pieces. Although the cold can be brutal during this time of year without the right outfit, the season also invites us to be creative with our wardrobe. Although many people favor aesthetic footwear, such as high-heeled boots, in winter these boots often lack the necessary fabrics and materials to keep your toes free of moisture and frostbite.

Given this context, opting for ankle boots are a safe bet. It is a very versatile and comfortable shoe, which you can easily combine with any of your looks. Likewise, designs with laces and prints are ideal for the most daring. Wear your favorite pair of ankle boots for day to day, for work or for any special occasion.

3. Boots

A pair of elegant, versatile and comfortable boots is all we need this fall-winter. Given the huge selection of footwear, a simple pair of black ankle boots is often the easiest option...but just because they're the easiest to find (and wear) doesn't mean they're the trendiest. The fall boot trends for fall-winter 2022/2023 speak for themselves: simplicity is important, but to be really elegant this season you have to dare with other styles.

Although knee high boots are back in style and will be one of the trendiest trends this year, women's over the ankle boots are still among the most sought after once again. These are shoes that go well with any item of clothing, be it more casual or formal. You can combine them with pants, skirts or all kinds of dresses. Patterned models are going strong, but the basic boots will become your best allies, so they cannot be missing from your wardrobe.


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