Customize your shoes fast and easy

Today we bring you a very simple tutorial to renew your sneakers that you can do yourself!
This Diy project is easy, fast and totally customizable, so that this summer your sneakers become the center of attention. Follow the step by step to create decorations for your shoelaces, include many colors and let your imagination run wild.

A small detail changes everything

Our style is unique and special, that is why I want to add part of my personality to my shoes, we will select colored beads and letters to make special designs on my shoelaces. To customize our shoes there are no limits, just let yourself go, includes seed beads, pearls, beads, beads and charms of all kinds. You can choose them according to the colors of your shoes, or that contrast and stand out.

What will we need?

The materials are very simple and easy to get
  • Beads or accounts of all kinds. If your shoes are varied and colorful they will be more fun, dare to colors and different shapes. You can get these at arts and crafts stores.
  • Sneakers, boots, ankle boots or any shoe you want to customize, as long as it has laces. Our Mumka have super special designs that will look great with beads, I invite you to see our variety of vegan friendly shoes here
  • A fine toothpick or needle to help you insert the beads.
  • And above all... The desire to create! Materials to carry out the tutorial

Step by Step:

As I already told you, there is no perfect or unique formula in this DIY, there are shapes as peculiar as people. For this reason, I invite you to freely create the design and color combinations that you like the most.
Unfold the beads and use your wits, combine different colors and create words for each foot. Mix various shapes and match them.

match beads and make words

When you think you have defined your design, remove the laces from the shoes and thread each bead into the lace with the help of a needle or toothpick if you don't need to and thread the lace through the eyelet.

remove shoelaces

Go threading in an interspersed way while you place the laces.

thread the beads onto the laces

In the first creel I recommend that you add a highlighted phrase or word and in the following other combined accounts.
You can finish with a bead on the aglet of our cord ( the aglet is the tip of each end, in plastic or metal, whose purpose is that the cord does not fray and passes through the eyelets without problems) and tie a knot so that it Do not miss.
Cord termination with beads and knot

Other ideas to combine it:

In this project we turn your shoes into a little jewel, if you liked this idea, you can put together designs for your friends with phrases that identify them as a group, you can also combine your shoes with other accessories that you can also create just by threading the beads or beads on elastic rope or string. Create bracelets, chains for glasses or straps on mobile phone cases.

You can see the video with the step by step:


And get to work! It's time to create the coolest decorative laces SNEAKERS DECORATED WITH BEADS

I want my Mumka The eye

Written by Equipo Ecommerce

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