Avoid slipping with your sandals

We all love the arrival of summer, sun, sea, heat... Feet in the air, going barefoot... and hot, very hot! One of the problems we have is that sometimes, depending on the footwear we wear, our feet slip , especially with sandals. As we like to try things before advising them, we have tried 10 ways to ensure that your feet do not slip in sandals, here we leave you 10 great tricks, ready?

Choose sandals with non-slip soles

Look for sandals that have rubber or grippy soles to provide better traction when walking. Above all, the comfort of the sandal is also important, but if you choose sandals with non-slip soles, your feet will not slip inside them or yourself on the street, since they will be well supported.

Use non-slip pads

There are adhesive pads designed to be placed on the bottom of the sole of the sandals, providing greater grip and preventing slipping. We have tried them and we love them.

Apply talcum powder or cornstarch

Sprinkle some talcum powder or cornstarch on the bottom of your feet before putting on your sandals. This helps absorb moisture and reduces friction, which can prevent slipping.

The material of the sandal is basic

Plastic sandals that have practically no fabric are very slippery. A trick so that your feet do not slip in sandals is to choose shoes with a non-slip fabric base such as rope sandals .

Avoid walking on wet or slippery surfaces

Always take care when walking on wet , smooth or slippery surfaces , as even non-slip sandals can struggle in these conditions.

keep your feet dry

Before putting on your sandals, make sure your feet are dry and free of moisture. Use a towel to dry them well, especially between your fingers.

Try the sandals before you buy them

Make sure the sandals fit your feet correctly and that there is not too much space or excessive friction, as this can increase the risk of slipping.

double sided adhesive tape

This is ideal, you cut a piece of tape and place it on the heel and on the forefoot, when you put your foot down you will notice that it sticks a bit. Although this trick is true that on very hot days it is not as effective , since the part that sticks lasts a short time.

Anti-sweat deodorants

It makes moisture completely disappear , the slippery part and the smelly part derived from sweat are eliminated, it acts a bit like talcum powder.

use lacquer

The latter also acts like talcum powder or deodorant , although after having tried all three we are left with talcum powder.

Remember that every person and situation is different, so it's important to find the method that works best for you and your specific sandals. Enjoy your sandals without worrying about slipping!

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