How to combine platform shoes without making mistakes?

For many years now, the trend of platform shoes has come to stay. Platform sneakers, platform heels, sandals... all types of footwear you can imagine have the option with or without a platform.

One of the many benefits of platform shoes is that they slim our figure a lot and lengthen our legs, in addition to helping us maintain balance and provide us with better arch support, which allows us to have fewer joint problems. ankles and feet.

Currently on the market there are a wide variety of types and models of platform shoes for day to day, walking around the city, going to work or going out for a night. The good thing about them is that they are adaptable to any activity you have.

How to combine platform shoes?


Long dresses have a lot of movement combined with platform shoes, they manage to create a much more stylized effect on your figure since you appear taller. For special occasions or a summer day where you don't know where you are going to end up, it is an ideal option.


Platform shoes are a must for parties. They are super well combined with dresses that are asymmetrical at the bottom that give your legs more length.


Pencil skirts have been in fashion for a few years now, these combined with platform shoes and a wider blouse make your figure stand out and lengthen your legs. If you also choose a skirt with an opening, your silhouette will look slimmer.


This combination is the new trend for this 2023. Platform shoes combined with flared or wide pants means that the legs are not shortened and a more aesthetic figure remains.


Just like a mini dress, long blazers combined with platform sneakers or sandals with a more night-time style make you see long legs and also create an elegant look.


Combining platform shoes with shorts can be a bit dangerous, you have to be careful because if we wear shorts with a crop top, for example, and some platform shoes, you can create a look too much! Instead, shorts with a wide blouse and a kimono, for example, with platform shoes create a very elegant and versatile effect and look for day to day or a long night.

Imagine a world where your shoes literally lift you to new heights, making you the queen of streetwear, at Mumka we give you this opportunity.

Combining shoes with platforms is the magic formula to give a touch of rebellion and sophistication to your style. Do you want to stand out on any occasion? Look no further, because platforms are your best ally.

You can opt for platform sandals for a fresh and carefree look, or platform high heels for a touch of elegance and power.

Best of all, the platforms adapt to your personality and style. Are you one of those who love wild prints? Combine platform sneakers with some design , with skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt, and you will have a wild and energetic outfit!

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