mumka loyalty program

Welcome to the Mumka steps community! where we make your steps through Mumka have a value.

Mumka is born from the need to be different, to feel free, to love madness, to feel unique and special, to feel that you have to give a message to the world and this message is in your shoes.

Mumka is not for everyone, so we appreciate that you have dared to be different and stand out. To thank you, we have created the Mumka steps community loyalty program .

A program where we propose different ways to earn points . Well... in our case, steps, which you can exchange for numerous benefits such as: discounts, free products, gifts, news, offers ... so you can go from level to level and go from being lazy... to being a globetrotters!

How do I sign up for the Mumka Steps community?

You just have to register on our website. Create a user or if you have already purchased previously you will already have it created!
Within your user you will see all the possibilities that we offer you to earn points that will allow you to exchange them for multiple benefits such as discounts, gifts, free products...
1. You go to the upper right corner of the page and click on the icon that we show you below.

2. You log in or create a new user.

3. Once inside your user, the following tab will appear in the lower right corner.

4. When you click, this tab will appear:


5. Here you can see the ways you have to earn points, the benefits you have and much more. 

What are the levels about?

Depending on the purchases you have made and the points you earn with the program, you will go from level to level. There are 5 levels:
Sloth: from 0 to 499 points. You have to get more points to pass to the next level and get more profit in each level, you get some free laces!
Scout: from 500 to 1000 points. You get a 5% discount FOREVER, on all orders you place.
Scout: from 1001 to 4999. You get a 10% discount for ALWAYS, on all orders you place.
Adventurer: 5000 to 7999. You get Free Shipping for Life. ** except outside the EU
Globetrotter: 8000 steps. You get an £80 gift voucher to spend at Mumka.
Are you ready to level up?

What benefits do I get?

You can get multiple benefits: discounts, offers, product news before anyone else, gifts, free products ...

How do I get the benefits of the program?

You get them with the different ways that we propose to earn points . For example, following us on Instagram, leaving an opinion, buying a product, telling us when your birthday is... Discover them all and start earning points!

How can I exchange my points and go to the next level?

You can do it in your private area.