Valentine 's Day is approaching and we are always with the same thing… What can I give my partner?

The truth is, giving him something material is very good, but making him a craft for Valentine's Day or a sentimental gift is much better, since it is the day to show your love! Well... It would always have to be, but let's be honest, on Valentine's Day we always expect a little gift or detail!

Original gift ideas for Valentine's Day 2023

We are going to give you some cheap and easy original gift ideas for Valentine's Day, but that will make your partner fall in love even more. Ready?

Romantic dinner prepared by yourself

A romantic candlelight dinner with a good wine prepared by yourself is always a good idea. Here you have to get creative!

On Pinterest you will find thousands of original Valentine's dish ideas.

For example, cheese bonbons filled with fig jam wrapped in serrano ham in the shape of a heart. Bites of love!

A box with vouchers to spend all year

You get a nice box and you make some vouchers to spend during the year to your partner. For example: It is worth a massage whenever you want; Voucher for an excursion to the viewpoint x; Voucher for a dinner at the restaurant that you like so much... So you can exchange them throughout the year. Small tokens of love that in the end are highly valued because sometimes on a daily basis we cannot spend quality time with your partner. Has it happened to you? If so, this is a treat.

We leave you a Reel on Instagram that perfectly explains the idea of ​​this original gift for Valentine's Day .

Personalized book with experiences together

Choose a good book, one of poetry, or one of your partner's tastes, or one that explains your story a bit. You see reading some pages or chapters and you personalize it with phrases towards your partner, photos together, experiences you have had, dreams you have... so while the book is read, you will remember how much you love each other!

Frame with your letter and photos

Go buy a simple frame that has a thick edge and can be written on. Print photos of yourself or a meaningful photo. Decorate the frame with a letter that you write to your partner. It's time to get sentimental, bring out the Shakespeare in you!

Customize some sneakers

For the most creative and brave, we suggest you buy some basic shoes and decorate them to your liking or to the taste of your partner. You can paint them with their hobbies or with something you share together. It is an original idea that will give your looks a different air. Every step he takes, he will take with you!

On our Instagram you have some ideas and tips to personalize your sneakers.

Give him a TOTEM

There is a company that we love, it is called Totem. It is also a national company that began recording totem poles on a small scale and now they are cracks. They offer different possibilities to engrave a Totem. But what is it? A totem is the waves that your voice leaves when you say a phrase or something. Can you imagine being able to engrave it on a jewel? Well, Totem does it. In this way your partner or whoever you want can always carry that phrase or word with him or her, in this way they can listen to it whenever they want and anywhere. Isn't that an amazing idea? Just like Mumka accompanies you everywhere with your steps, Totem does it, but from the heart.

getaway together

Sometimes we are so used to giving away something material that we forget that experiences are what goes with you and what you keep forever in your memories. Therefore, why not a weekend getaway, if you can afford it, for you and your partner? There are many websites offering offers and weekend getaways. For example, spending a night under the stars in bubble hotels?

Beauty session for your partner

Let's do it! Who doesn't like a good massage, a bath with salts, masks, a glass of wine... You can give your beauty partner a ritual together. You can buy different masks, scrubs, creams... And pamper yourself!

We hope that all these gift ideas for Valentine's Day will help you, even if it is, your partner will surely love it coming from you. Happy Valentine's day!

Written by Equipo Ecommerce

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