The white color is the most basic of the entire palette of tones, the one that can never be missing in our closet . White is a fresh, elegant color that never goes out of style. Total White looks that are currently in trend or that combine white tones with other colors create casual, sporty or elegant outfits, ideal for any occasion and time of year.

Do you want to learn how to combine white in the best possible way?

If you want to learn how to combine the color white, this is your place, white with blues, greens, golds, garnets... get ready to discover the wide range of possibilities that this color houses to be fashionable.

Types of white: learn to differentiate

White , depending on each culture, acquires one meaning or another, but in all of them it stands out for the same thing: it is the color of purity, of peace, of new beginnings, of freedom . In history, the color white is associated with the revolution and represents feminist movements and defenders of human rights . For example, Mahatma Gandhi, Kamala Harris or Marilyn Monroe wear white to represent: peace, power and freedom respectively.
There are varieties of shades and shades of white that are best suited to different occasions and skin types. Here we explain the different shades of white that exist and their combination.
  • Pearl white or ice , are colder and brighter tones that will help you stand out in your night looks. It is with a little shades of blue, it seems to emit fluorescent light.
  • Cream or bone white are warmer tones for everyday use. It is with yellowish tones, it is a shade of white that transmits light and calm combines very well with earth tones.
  • Pure white : it is the most common, it gives us peace of mind, it does not have any nuance of another tone.
  • Off-white : it has a slight greyish hue, it can be combined with other whites or softer colours.

The color white at any time of the year

In summer and spring, white gives us more freshness and clarity than darker garments. In dresses, tops, t-shirts, jeans... the white color stands out a lot in summer and we can combine it with clothes of many colors. In winter/autumn it is an ideal wardrobe staple for a basic t-shirt, a sweater or a coat.
Clothes in white tones have become basic almost at any time of the year .

In spring , lace or boho style dresses, with original boots are perfect for a daily look. In summer , white dresses or total white looks are ideal, whether for work, going to the beach, the pool or going out to dinner at night, combining it withoriginal sandals and more striking or colorful accessories.

white color in summer

In autumn , white garments are ideal for halftime looks. A white T-shirt, jeans, a jacket and colorful sneakers create a comfortable and fashionable outfit because the good thing about white is that it allows for a wide variety of combinations. In winter , a white coat, combined with black suit pants or white boots or sneakers combined with a black suit... you have the possibility to create elegant and comfortable outfits.

winter white color

What colors go with white?

Although the white color combines with everything and is a basic in the wardrobe, it must be borne in mind that it does not always look good with other shades.

How to combine white and brown

White combines very well with brown tones, earth colors, warmer or raw white tones. You have to be careful when combining the white color as it can be done elegantly or be basic.

Combine white and blue

The most common combination. The sailor tones, white and blue. But they always work. You can combine a white shirt or t-shirt with a blue suit, jeans with white on top... you can wear original or different sneakers to give the look a touch.

white and green color

White is ideal with green, khaki green, pistachio… it is ideal for spring.
white color combine

white and orange

If bright colors are one of the most obvious trends for summer, orange is one of those colors that you cannot miss this season. White pants, orange sweater and orange sneakers… A great outfit!

Total white look

Linen pants or linen sets are ideal for this type of look. Combined with color accessories you get a casual, elegant and different style.

white and other colors

White is really a basic just like black or brown. They are colors that, depending on the season, we can combine in one way or another, but they are basic in our closet without a doubt. For example, white with red, orange, yellow, fuchsia and pastel colors are very summery, but in winter a white ski coat gives us elegance and seriousness. Everything is knowing how to combine the color according to the season and the style. The most powerful tones, such as red, yellow, Klein blue, turquoise green, purple or orange or salmon combine very well with white, especially if the bottom part (skirts, jeans...) are of the aforementioned colors and the upper part is a white top or t-shirt. As for prints, black and white are ideal for wearing original prints and garments. For example, different sneakers or boots give the look a fun touch.

Do black and white colors influence physical appearance?

NO, NO AND NO . It has always been said that the white color makes you fat and the opposite loses weight. It's not that the colors do it, it's the fabric of the garments. If it is true that a tight white dress highlights the shape and figure of the body much more, as well as the transparencies, on the other hand, a black dress hides our shape more.

long white dress

For example, wide white garments such as knitted dresses for winter or short flared skirts for summer are ideal for enhancing our figure, of course if you choose a tight white lycra dress your figure will stand out much more.
Really, everyone has a different body and constitution and we are the only ones who know ourselves better than anyone, both our tastes and those clothes that we think fit us best. So you choose how to dress, we support you in everything, because there is nothing written about tastes and that is what we like;) The pleasure of being and dressing differently or however we want!
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