After the hot summer we've had, we're already looking forward to the chill... and your feet too. It is true that changing your wardrobe is not that appealing, but if we do it with the joy of seeing the new looks that we can create for this autumn-winter 2023 season, things already change.

It happens to us that with the arrival of the cold we don't know how to combine halftime clothes. We want slightly warmer looks but not enough to roast ourselves in heat. For this reason, after investigating the trends for this fall winter 2023, we propose different ideas to combine your boots without being left out of what is worn ;)

Autumn Winter 2023 Fashion Boots

First, we are going to explain the shoe trends for this season .

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a fall classic and are going to be a trend every season. Chelsea boots are a street style must and continue to be one of the most recognized models in the world both for their history and for their versatility to create incredible looks. 

  • Black, elegant and classic.
  • Khaki in color, to bring nature and freshness.
  • Brown in color, elegance and sophistication.
  • Beige, soft and versatile.
  • White, neutral and casual.

In addition to all the colors we have, our Chelsea boots are platform, with thick track soles, vegan, handmade and super comfortable. They have it all! In addition, in case the Chelsea boot is a very versatile model and the outfits that you can create with them are scandalous, simple, elegant and ideal to be fashionable.

Basic boots with wide sole: Ankle Boots

Basic boots are also a must every season. They are easy to combine, you can create all kinds of looks, both elegant and more casual, and there are also many colors on the market. Our basic boots are vegan and ideal for the rain.

The colors we have are:

Original women's boots

Women's patterned boots are ideal for creating cool and different outfits, but it is true that we can have 2 or 3 original boots since they are sometimes difficult to combine or can greatly overload the outfit you are wearing. Boots with animal print, flowers or small motifs add a touch of difference and style to your looks.

Ideas of looks with boots for this fall

Capes, capes and boots

Wearing many layers when the cold arrives is not a new trick, it is what we have always done to cope with the change of season as best we can. But, the rules of the game have changed, now they are wearing combinations that we could not have imagined a few years ago : Mini dresses with jeans; transparencies with long pants; the turtleneck as an undershirt; wear two coats, a shorter one underneath covered by a longer one; Vest under the blazer... Give free rein to your creativity and innovate by creating scandalous outfits. As we are going to get original, we could combine it with more basic shoes or Chelsea or if it is a look with very neutral colors we can add some boots with flowers, animal print or some pattern.

knitted dresses

Knitted dresses do not go out of style. Now there are all materials, fabrics, colors, necklines and openings on the market. They are ideal to combine with original and different boots as they add a touch of joy and creativity to such a plain outfit.


The trench coat is THE coat for fall. There is no autumn without a raincoat and vice versa. The only thing we have to take into account when we use this type of coat is its length, since depending on the footwear we wear, it can create a strange effect. For this type of outfit we recommend ankle boots, ankle boots or booties to slim our figure.

Leather and more leather

Since Rosalia has made leather fashionable again thanks to her Motomami outfit, leather has been worn in all garments. Leather pants, long leather jackets, leather jackets... The good thing about this type of garment? It is super versatile and can be combined with all types of footwear. Flower boots, boots with skulls, Chelsea boots or basic black or military green boots.

Blazers and suits with track sole boots

Elegance with a rebellious touch. A two-piece suit, combined with basic black, brown, green or beige track-soled boots is the new fashion that is sweeping this season. It is an ideal look to go to the office; comfortable, elegant and trendy.

mini dresses

Our favorite mix. Chiffon mini dresses with ruffles and prints seem ideal to us. They are dresses that, apart from enhancing our figure, give a lot of color to the look you have chosen. For example, combining a mini dress with a trench coat and basic or Chelsea boots create an elegant, simple and original outfit at the same time.

Blazer + midi skirt + boots

Another one of our favorite combinations. The good thing about this mix is ​​that you have a thousand possibilities. For example, an oversized gray blazer, a white shirt, a mini jean or leather skirt and either patterned or basic boots ... Everyone will turn to look at you to copy you!

We hope you like our ideas of looks with boots for this fall 2023 , easy, simple and original looks and also that are trending this 2023 .

Written by Equipo Ecommerce

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