In 2020 we said goodbye to the man who gave life to Mafalda, known and admired internationally, with whom we have grown and who has also made us grow.

When we were little we thought they were the most fun books we could read, they made our imagination fly through the great adventures that happened to Mafalda and her friends. As we grew up, the same stories and vignettes became critiques of the world, which even though they were created in 1962, are also a reflection of the world today.

Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón won the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities in 2014 for the creation of his masterpiece, Mafalda. Few comedians and illustrators have had as much impact on the world and internationally as Quino. The humor with which he deals with political, economic and world issues with a provocative, vindictive, pure tone... makes this character unique.

From Mumka, we wanted to thank and contribute to continuing giving voice to this great character, even if Quino is not here, because surely he would love to see his Mafalda in some sneakers, boots or a bag.

Why Mafalda and Mumka?

Mafalda has a dreamy, expressive, assertive personality, with clear ideas. He wants peace in the world, he does not like violence, neither verbal nor physical. He likes to reason, dialogue and reach agreements where everyone is happy. Her vignettes deal with topics such as Love, Peace, injustice, the future, old age, family, children, school, friends... Mafalda invites us to ask ourselves about the world in which we live, to reflect on family habits; dialogue with that world that even has fever; He questions some aspects of school and plays with his friends. The most famous indignant little girl in the world reflects on the big issues in life.

Mumka, if she were a woman, would have the same personality: dreamer, expressive, fighter, assertive, with clear ideas, empathetic, who enjoys and cares about the world in which she lives and the people around her.

That is why we wanted to merge to be able to create all types of Mafalda clothing and accessories: bags, boots, ankle boots, sneakers.... and all types of footwear where wearing them is an expression of both brands, a declaration of dreams, kindness , vindication and freedom in a fashion piece. Because the world would be different if it were full of Mafaldas, and, even if it's because of the shoes, we have to start with something, right?

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