In order to explain the history of sneakers practically designed by Quino himself, the creator of Mafalda, we have to explain why Mafalda and Mumka have come together.

Mafalda in your sneakers

Mafalda radiates a dreamy and assertive personality. His vignettes explore the fundamental pillars of life, from peace to justice, questioning the status quo with clear ideas and a deep sense of empathy. Without tolerating violence or injustice, Mafalda advocates for dialogue and conflict resolution in search of a world where everyone finds their place.

Through their eyes, we observe topics ranging from Love to old age, from family to school, from friends to the future. Mafalda becomes our guide, inviting us to reflect on our reality. Mafalda embodies the spirit of the indignant little girl who challenges the transcendental issues of life.

Let's now imagine Mumka , as if she were a woman. Her personality would be intertwined with the very essence of Mafalda: dreamer, expressive, fighter and empathetic. Like Mafalda, Mumka would feel a deep connection with the world around her and would care about the well-being of those who share her path.

This fusion of personalities has inspired us to create something unique: a line of clothing and accessories that carry with them the energy of Mafalda and Mumka . From bags to boots, sneakers and more, each piece becomes a manifestation of shared dreams, intrinsic goodness and a shared fight for a more just and free world.

In every step we take with these shoes, we carry with us the essence of Mafalda and Mumka, a silent but powerful statement. After all, every step counts. Imagine a world where Mafalda's spirit flourishes around every corner, in every act of compassion and in every attempt to change things. While we can't transform the world overnight, our initial steps remind us that every small action matters.

So let's walk together with Mafalda and Mumka's sneakers. As we move through life, we honor their shared philosophy: the idea that the world can change, that goodness can prevail, and that, even in fashion, we can begin to weave the web of a brighter future.

The story behind our Mafalda sneakers

As every Mafalda lover will know, all the vignettes and drawings of this character are vindictive, critical and full of meaning. We did not want to be less. For this reason, we have created a collection of sneakers with Mafalda phrases, small pieces of transgressive vignettes and drawings full of criticism and humor.

I want to live without realizing it

With this phrase, Quino addresses from an ironic point of view one of the biggest social diseases that there was and still is: Not realizing what is happening around you or the people around us, selfishness and autopilot. with which we all sometimes live.

Thinking like this is vindictive and realizing this fact is quite a feat since it makes you begin to rethink life from another point of view. A more empathetic point of view with others makes you get more out of everyday life and live more in the moment.

For this reason, within the Mafalda collection, we have created shoes and a bag with this phrase and concept of Mafalda, where every time you wear these accessories you will think about this philosophy that will change your vision of how you live and you will go through the world changing and contributing something positive to the worldview of others. You will also honor Quino and his great creation as well as his critical ideas about the world around us and how we can improve it, you will contribute your grain of sand.


Friendship is one of the themes that Mafalda addresses in her vignettes.

Some of the most notable phrases of the famous protagonist are:

" There is an infallible theory about friendship: you always have to know what to expect from each friend."

"Friendship doubles the joys and divides the anguish in half"

"Friendship can turn into love. Love into friendship...never"

"I like people who say what they think. But above all, I like people who do what they say"

Quino addresses the topic of friendship, highlighting the importance of good friendships in our lives and the need to find real friends, with a tone of humor and philosophizing about the word friendship and what it means.

There are secondary characters in Mafalda's vignettes, her friends.

At Mumka, we did not want to forget Mafalda's friends in the collection that we have created with the official license. For us, just like for Mafalda, friendship is essential to have a complete and fulfilling life, which is why we want you to do so with every step you take, wearing your Mafalda shoes and to think that you are not alone, that all the friends you have are there for you. They accompany you in your daily life.

The world

Mafalda,  The 6-year-old rebel, social fighter, lover of the Beatles, democracy, children's rights and peace, and opponent of soup, weapons, war... is known for a very mythical phrase: “Stop the world, I want to get off!” although the author himself later stated that this phrase was attributed to Mafalda by mistake since our protagonist would never say that.

The topic that Mafalda addresses in this vignette is the disaster of the world in which we live. The model of the world ball is much better than the real one. This statement is both vindictive and real and that is what we want you to express with every step you take.

We have created sneakers and a bag with this concept, so that when you walk down the street you express your disagreement with the world around us, because you know that together, we are capable of making a better world.

Written by Equipo Ecommerce

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