Hello fashionista!

Welcome to the new fashion trends for this 2023. What clothes will we wear these months? What colors and inspirations will be our new favourites?

If you are one of those who can't wait to find out about the latest fashion trends , you've come to the right place.

What is going to take this season?

Leather, transparencies, 'denim' and sustainability.

1. Color, neon, fluorine, satin and prints

For starters, this season's fashion is loaded with vibrant colors and bold prints . Pastel tones and flowers continue to be a classic of the season, but this time they are combined with more daring prints such as animal prints, tie-dyes and abstract drawings. The satin fabric is key this season, both in t-shirts and tops and in cargo pants, for example.

2. Dresses, crop-tops, transparencies and corsets

As for clothing, long, flowing dresses will be the undisputed stars of the season. With light and flowing fabrics, the dresses come in different lengths and styles, from the most romantic to the most bohemian. In addition, blouses and crop tops will also be very present in this season's collections, both in simpler versions and in models with ruffles, puffed sleeves and lace details.

Transparencies and corsets will also be present this season, garments that can be combined with a swimsuit or lace lingerie, very fashionable this last year.

3. Shorts, cargo pants, and jeans

But it's not all dresses and blouses. Wide leg pants , Bermuda shorts and shorts will also be popular this season. Cargo-style pants with pockets are a sure bet for a more casual look, while biker shorts and high-waisted Bermuda shorts will add a more sophisticated touch to your outfit.

4. Boho Style

The boho style is a current fashion trend, it mixes eras, styles, many colors... The result? A creative and comfortable look, original and with a lot of character, natural and wild at the same time. If we had to define the Boho trend in one sentence it would be: Freedom mixing styles with creativity, originality, comfort and elegance. In spring, summer this style is when it is easier to wear it, its lace blouses, with floral prints and shirts with movement make this style a must in this spring-summer 2023 season. Here is a post where we talk more about the Boho style , we love!

5. Everyone to be Motomami

Rosalia has made this trend fashionable, skirts and leather pants combined with colored jackets, yellow, red... A term that refers to a strong and powerful woman. The result is a total look in full color leather , it is considered the most sought-after trend in street style looks .

6. Oversized blazers

The oversize blazer continues to be a trend for this spring-summer 2023. The blazer is a wardrobe staple and ideal for halftime. You can create ideal mid-season outfits with oversize blazers, for example, a short dress with an oversize blazer and boots, wide-legged pants with a crop top and the blazer... there are a thousand combinations to be fashionable this season! with your oversized jacket!

7. all denim

Total jean look , whether it's a long skirt with a short jean jacket, or dungarees, or wide jeans with a white tank top and an oversized jean jacket, the total denim look is the new fashion trend for this spring - summer 2023 .

8. Sustainable fashion

It is a trend that is here to stay, more and more brands are joining the revolution. Fabrics and manufacturing now do matter. Sustainable fashion, committed to the environment and vegan.

9. Platform sandals, espadrilles and original slippers

As for footwear, platform sandals and espadrilles will be the main stars of the season. In addition, we will also see a lot of presence of white sneakers , both for more sporty looks and for more urban looks.

10. Bohemian accessories

And if we talk about accessories, chokers and large earrings will continue to be a trend this season. Hats and caps will also be an essential complement to protect us from the sun and add a touch of style to our looks.

In summary, this spring-summer 2023 season is full of cheerful and daring fashion, with a wide variety of styles and trends for all tastes. Do not stay behind and dare to try them all!

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