In today's blog we share the women's fashion trends for this summer 2022. From the outfits to the most comfortable sandals that you will not want to take off. We have compiled the most stylish looks, clothes, accessories and footwear in a guide, so that you look splendid, dress well, are fashionable and have your own style. We will also give you ideas on how to combine and use the garments.

What will be worn this summer?

Do you wonder what are the fashion colors? What will be the star item in my wardrobe? What prints are trending? A few days before the start of summer we tell you everything it will take. We make a selection of the most trendy garments, footwear and accessories of 2022.

8 Must-Have Trends

Style guide

1. Bold colors

Conceptual spots, psychedelic prints that take us back to the '60s, flowers and an explosion of colours. Tropical prints, with palm trees, leaves and parrots perfect for vacations or a date night on the beach. The most irresistible outfits for day and night go perfect with bare ankles, African girl sandals bring vibrant colors, and if you add some conch and shell anklets your look will not go unnoticed. Bodycon or flared dresses, with straps or puffy sleeves, bring vitality and joy, and will be the perfect ally to complete your looks. Flat Toe Sandals The African Girl Colorful Fashion Trends Summer 2022

2. Crochet or hook

In your closet this season you cannot miss this garment that is a trend. It has been on catwalks for several summers and we can already consider it essential, with a hippie spirit, relaxed, find this fabric in cardigans, bikinis, dresses, shorts or "crop tops". Also in some accessories such as wall lights. Our recommendation is to incorporate it into your look in a small dose, combined with jeans and if you dare to go for a look with an Ibizan air, the total chochet look will be a total success! Some basic platform sandals will go perfectly


If you like adventure, this trend includes the typical safari outfit, obviously adapted to street style. Pants, skirts, cargo shorts to vests, shirts, overalls and dresses. This yes, the more pockets the better! With flaps and large. As for the choice of footwear, do not limit yourself, it depends on the occasion, you can add some sneakers, sandals or boots. This is a style with a very combinable range of colors, beige and brown tones, ochres, oranges and yellows. Incorporating accessories such as thick belts or a scarf can add elegance or a more casual style with a shoulder bag or fanny pack.
Ocean friends sneakers Fashion safari trends summer 2022

4. Colorblock

Do you know what is it about? The objective of the color block is to create a “color block” with your outfit by combining different garments with each other with vibrant and striking colors. This fashion is full of joy, optimism and colors, so everything is valid, from pastel tones as vibrant colors, lilac "very peri" (the fashionable color of the year according to panthone), fuchsia, electric blue, green, orange, yellow. Our recommendation is that you think about your look with basic or minimalist garments so that it shines more, that you look at the chromatic circle and choose opposite or complementary colors to generate more attractive contrasts, and that the outfit have a maximum of 3 different colors so as not to mix too much. Avoid that the garments are stamped, the important thing here are the colors. We suggest you dress from the feet. Do you already know our new Gross platform sandals? The ideal color palette for your color block looks. Which is your favorite?
Sandals Gross Mumka fuscia Fashion Color block trends summer 2022

5. Cut out

Being sensual and elegant, that is the challenge of this look. The cut at the waist reveals some skin, defines the silhouette and is a seductive design. In chiffon, pleated, floral or plain dresses, geometric cuts allow any basic to become a statement, redefining sexy, adding a cool and special touch.
Orchids and lilies ankle boots Mumka Fashion Cut out trends summer 2022

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6. Vintage fashion

Incorporate into your outfits garments that tell a story. Treasures at fairs, or magic from your grandmother. Vintage clothing allows us to surprise ourselves with unique pieces from the history of fashion. It means going back in time, adopting a more ecological and nostalgic mentality. It encompasses hippie, bohemian and retro style. Choose tall pants with wide and flared legs, suits, shirts and men's jackets. Balance your look with basic and discreet garments to give it prominence, with platform sneakers for absolute comfort. It's also great to find vintage treasures like glasses with white frames, xxl earrings and jewelry.
El ojo platform sneakers. Vintage fashion trends summer 2022

7. Romantic style

Silhouettes with flare, ruffles, flowers, pleats and lace. A style closely linked to nature, powdery tones, with lantern sleeves and flowers as protagonists. Contrasting these garments with sneakers will make it a comfortable look for the day. Get a special outfit with small and golden accessories. Natural fabrics favor the flow of garments, lace fabrics, cotton, linen, chiffon, satin fabrics are very fresh for this season. It transmits tenderness, femininity and romanticism.
Garnier sandals romantic style summer trends 2022

8. Sequins and glitter

Parties, reunions, outdoor plans, concerts and festivals are back. Your perfect look for a summer night must have shine. Sequins are also for summer. Your ally for going out will be draped midi skirts, crop tops, strappy dresses or mini skirts. With a lingerie top, some shiny flat sandals are ideal for nights, and if you incorporate a sequined t-shirt you can calmly add glamor to your day-to-day.
Mumka classic glitter sandals trends summer 2022 sequins

key garments

Summer is here, you already know the Garments, the colors and the prints of this season. Combined with our sandals, sneakers and boots you will get the perfect look for your hot days. You can visit our website to discover other alternatives. All our products are vegan friendly, handmade and designed in the city of Barcelona.
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