Portada Barcelona inspires us to create Mumka

What is special about the City of Barcelona?

Undoubtedly, the city of Barcelona is constantly linked to design as an artistic discipline and also as a tool for social transformation. A cosmopolitan city, where you can breathe art, modernist architecture, design and fashion. This city is very important in the history of Mumka , it is here where this project was born.


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The magic of the Catalan capital

Observing, living, walking this city inspired us to create Mumka, getting lost in its neighborhoods, discovering charming corners. Its people, its modernist architecture, its Rambla full of stalls and life, its different neighborhoods full of personality, its beaches and viewpoints, its museums, its culture, its thousands of shops, markets and shops of all kinds, its narrow streets, its street artists, its gastronomy. That is why we want to tell you what you should visit.


The 10 Places and plans that you cannot miss in Barcelona

1-  The Holy Family

Flower girl ankle boots at Sagrada Familia

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2-      The stone

3-      The Amatller House

4-      Casa Batllo

5-      gothic quarter

6-      Guell park

Gaudi's La Barcelona slippers in Park Guell

7-      Boqueria market and La Rambla

Zapatillas explore your world in Rambla de Catalunya

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8-      Barcelona's cathedral

9- Camp Nou

Sports shoes in Camp Nou

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10-   Picasso museum.


Comfortable shoes to tour the city of Barcelona.

When you walk through the city it is as if you were walking through an open-air museum. Let yourself be conquered by all the masterpieces full of colour, history and magic in the streets of modernist Barcelona. Walk, walk and walk… Get lost in the streets, observe the details around you, carry light luggage, do not forget to register everything with your camera or mobile phone and wear comfortable shoes that make your walks more bearable.

The Barcelona panot with beige strap sandals

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What is the most beautiful thing in Barcelona?

Barcelona conquers us, it is a global city due to its cultural, economic, commercial and tourist importance, it combines an eclectic mix of beach, architecture and bohemian vibes, its own unique style of expressing all its art that is also reflected in our designs.

We recommend 3 free activities to do in the city

1-      Having a picnic in the Hort Labyrinth is free: every Wednesday and Sunday. The Horta Labyrinth is one of the most amazing gardens in Barcelona. It is the oldest garden in Barcelona and next to it you will recreate the popular stories of Ancient Greece. This 18th century neoclassical paradise is enormously attractive, full of biodiversity, flora and birds.

shoes in love with height in Laberinto de horta Barcelona

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2-      See the show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, a great spectacle of lights, music and colour, which you can see in the city in summer, it has some 7,000 million possible combinations of water and light thanks to the possibility of combining the elements hydraulics and lighting available.

Sandals many colorful flowers in Magic Fountain Montjuic

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3-      Walk through the Ciutadella park. A green lung in the city, it has dimensions of approximately 17 hectares and is located in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood.

Blue bird slippers in Ciutdadella Park

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Gaudí: The man and his works in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia ankle boots Gaudí's Barcelona

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Gaudí's architectural works were greatly influenced by the forms of nature and this is reflected in the use of materials such as stone, curved constructions, twisted iron sculptures, and organic forms. Antoni Gaudí is the highest representative of Catalan modernism, he was the creator of the unfinished Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Colònia Güell, Casa Milà and Casa Battló and many other iconic works of architecture, dazzling tourists from all over the world and local.

Our line La Barcelona de Gaudí with illustrations of his most recognized works, are inspired by his architecture. They are unique. We design them to fit your urban looks and, above all, your lifestyle.

The cosmic girl's slippers in Gaudí's La Pedrera

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Mumka products are stamped with a common denominator: art, colors, nature and animals.

Because we believe that each step reveals your personality, your style and your way of being. At Mumka we design vegan friendly shoes, sneakers and bags with the essence of this city.

We invite you to learn the story behind each Mumka product.

Because we want to get out of the ordinary, reinvent ourselves, dare to be different and unique.

Let's walk together through Barcelona.

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